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Download free firmware of nokia,microsoft ,lumnia,mtk and many more firmware

warning:- Only Indian region firmware avilable here.

opal 4L001

opal 4L002

opal 4L003and4L004

opal 4L005and4L006

opal 4L007

opal 4L008

opal A110

opal AS-45_AS57

opal E455

opal G2(Android)

opal G51andG52(Android)

opal G53

opal G910

opal L40(android)

opal Mini one

opal Mini S5(3.5LCD) and Note3(4.0LCD) and I9500(4.0LCD)

opal Mini Z10

opal N075t

opal Note3_6.0LCD_andI9200_6.0LCD

opal NX800

opal NX900

opal ONE

opal S4i(3.2LCD) andMini Note3(3.2LCD)

opal S5 Solar

opal T375(3.2LCD) andE615(3.2LCD)

opal V1andV2(Android)

opal VIP-I9500

opal Z10