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Download free firmware of nokia,microsoft ,lumnia,mtk and many more firmware

warning:- Only Indian region firmware avilable here.

opal 4L003and4L004

opal 4L002

opal 4L001

opal 4L005and4L006

opal 4L007

opal 4L008

opal A110

opal AS-45_AS57

opal E455

opal G2(Android)

opal G51andG52(Android)

opal G53

opal G910

opal i5

opal L40(android)

opal Mini one

opal Mini S5(3.5LCD) and Note3(4.0LCD) and I9500(4.0LCD)

opal Mini Z10

opal N075t

opal Note3_6.0LCD_andI9200_6.0LCD

opal NX800

opal NX900

opal ONE

opal Q5

opal S4i(3.2LCD) andMini Note3(3.2LCD)

opal S5 Solar

opal S5

opal T375(3.2LCD) andE615(3.2LCD)

opal V1andV2(Android)

opal VIP-I9500

opal Z10